In-house Fabric Digitisation

You make the fabrics. We make them digital.

It's no longer enough to "just" make the best physical fabrics on the market. Brands and designers don't have the time and money to wait for samples to arrive and for prototypes to be made. Our planet cannot afford the waste... Modern fabric mills are changing the game by creating digital fabrics in-house with Bandicoot's solution.

3D print reflective fabric digital textile woven Bandicoot3D digital textile fabrics hanging on from wire Bandicoot3D purple fabric digital textile woven Bandicoot3D digital textile fabrics hanging on from wire Bandicoot3D indigo denim fabric digital textile yarn dyed woven Bandicoot
Your Customers are Moving to 3D.
So Should You.

Designers now select the fabrics they need based on 3D models. Physical samples are certainly still important, but their digital twins have opened up a new world of opportunities for fabric mills to increase service levels and value offered to customers. 

Leading fabric mills are already digitising their fabrics in-house at the manufacturing site using Bandicoot’s 3D fabric scanning technology. By offering designers digital 3D fabrics straight from the mill, millions of dollars are saved from prototyping every year. Get your fabrics in front of designers around the world instantly. Become your customers' preferred supplier and unlock a new dimension of business, for both you and your customer. 

Reduce costs

Share digital fabric samples with your customers before you send physical swatches, headers and sample yardage.

Speed to Market

Launch new fabric developments to customers around the world instantly. Don’t wait for the trade show season to share your latest fabrics with customers. 

Better Decisions

Shorten your sales cycle - get buy-in from key decision makers with accurate digital twins of your physical fabrics.

Save Resources

Unlimited creative freedom to try any product design variation digitally, without wasting a single yard of fabrics on samples and prototyping.


Share digital samples before you send physical samples


Digitise your physical fabrics with just a camera, a computer and an internet connection.


Enable your customers to quickly visualise your latest fabrics on their new garment collection with 3D tools.


No shipping, extra cost or expensive services needed. 

3D digital textile fabrics hanging on from wire Bandicoot
3D print reflective fabric digital textile woven Bandicoot


FINALLY - An Easy, Affordable and Scalable way to sell fabrics online


Present fabrics digitally and communicate with customers using video calls and e-mail in completely new ways.


Publish directly onto Swatchbook and Material Exchange, or build your own state of the art digital showroom.


Move straight into the sales sampling process by sharing digital fabric samples first. Shorten your sales process by giving your customers instant access to accurate digital fabrics to increase confidence in their decisions.


Don’t wait for the trade show - Bring new fabrics to market Immediately


Make your latest fabric innovation available to customers anywhere, anytime. Just developed the most innovative fabric the world has seen? Share it with your customers instantly online.


Create 3D renderings or fabric video animation to share on social media - no creative or technical skills needed.


Skip expensive and time-consuming photography services, scan to create a 3D fabric and generate photo-realistic 3D fabric renders to be used in presentations and online.

3D fabric digital textile woven on rolls four standing together Bandicoot

Compatible with popular 3D design tools

Your Customers are Moving to 3D.
So Should You.

Flexibility and openness is critical in today's complex digital world. We focus on building the fabric digitisation solution that just works, so that you can focus on making better fabrics.

Browzwear Vstitcher is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D texturesCLO3D is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D textures Optitex is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D texturesStyle3D Linctex is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D texturesAdobe Substance is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D textureUnreal Engine is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D texturesSwatchbook is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D texturesBlender is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D texturesMaterial Exchange Kingpins is compatible with Bandicoot's 3D textures
Quality in Focus

Industrial-grade digital material quality, with accurate colours, complete PBR texture maps and calibrated light conditions

Easy to Use

Minimal skills and training required to start digitising fabrics. Do you know how to hold a camera and shoot a few photos with it? If the answer is yes - then you're all set to start scanning fabrics


No expensive upfront investments in dedicated equipment - pay as you scan.

Prices starting from USD 6.5 per digital fabric scan


100% cloud-based processing, global technological infrastructure to process scans quickly to be shared with anyone.


Bandicoot’s 3D fabric files works with all popular fashion 3D tools on the market, such as CLO3D, Browzwear, Style3D, Optitex, Adobe Substance, and many more 


Advanced automated processing, including adjustments, tiling and file packaging for use in all popular fashion 3D tools

Self-Service Scanning

Ready to Start digitising your own fabrics?

Easy, Affordable and Scalable