Digital Denim in Three Steps

Upgrade to Digital fabrics in 1 - 2 - 3

Shoot Photos & Upload to Web

Use a digital camera to shoot photos of your fabric handheld from different angles. Log in and upload the photos to the web app.

Create 3D-ready Digital Fabric

Fast, automatic processing of your photos to create the PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) texture file. Seamlessly tiled and colour adjusted - ready for use in your favourite 3D design tool.

Share and Design in your Favourite 3D Tool

Share your digital fabrics instantly with customers, colleagues and partners. Start designing in your favourite 3D design tool.

Digitise Your Fabric

Use Bandicoot's ShimmerScan solution to create a digital version of your fabric. Preview and publish the ShimmerView onto websites and presentation material.

Apply to 3D Model

Import your digital fabric into a 3D tool. Use a 3D configurator or a CAD tool to create digital products. Import your digital fabric and create 3D product renders.

3D Environment

Bring your high-quality digital product into a 3D environment using tools like Unreal Engine or Unity. Or create a photorealistic 3D keyshot rendering.

Launch to Market

Bring your new products to market immediately. Ask customers for their comments and feedback, take pre-orders, and even payments before going to production.

Ready to digitise your own fabrics?

Book an unconditional 20-minute live demo to see how it works, share your needs, and ask any questions.