October 17, 2022

Digital Denim: A Comprehensive Guide to 3D Fabric Simulation

Dive into the fascinating world of digital denim and uncover the challenges and opportunities it presents in 3D fabric simulation. Explore INDIKON by Bandicoot, the cutting-edge cloud-based image processing technology that's revolutionising the denim industry by delivering accurate simulations and streamlining supply chains.

Key Considerations for Digitising Denim

Before venturing into the digitization of denim fabrics, it's essential to consider several critical factors. These include capturing visual data that reflects inconsistencies and textures, understanding fabric physics for draping and performance, and utilising denim laundry data to foster supply chain collaboration.

Visual Data and Accurate Denim Simulation:

Visual data accuracy and calibration play a vital role in digital denim simulation. To create a true-to-life digital representation of the fabric, it's crucial to capture every weave, imperfection, and fade, making the visualisation process both an art and a science.

Testing fades on raw denim fabric with Jeanologia

Fabric Physics: Draping and Performance in 3D Simulations

Applying 3D systems to textiles and garments poses unique challenges, with draping as the foremost issue. To create accurate fabric simulations, it's necessary to consider the body shape, pattern geometry, and fabric information, thus ensuring that the virtual garment truly mimics its real-life counterpart.

Laundry Data and Supply Chain Collaboration

Laundry data is essential for accurate denim simulation, and seamless collaboration across physical and digital supply chains can unlock its full potential. By working together, designers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders can make better decisions and address market demands more rapidly.

Shirt being digitally altered in Jeanologia's e-designer

Introducing INDIKON: Revolutionising Digital Denim Production

Discover the power of INDIKON by Bandicoot, a cloud-based image processing technology tailored exclusively for denim fabrics. INDIKON brings fabric digitization into the mill, allowing brands to sample digital fabrics instantly and significantly reducing waste and logistical pollution.

INDIKON powering the denim supply chain from the bottom up

Join the digital transformation of denim manufacturing with INDIKON as your technological partner. Stay at the forefront of the industry with precise simulations, seamless collaboration, and efficient production processes powered by state-of-the-art technology.

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