May 4, 2021
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Swatchbook Partners with Bandicoot Imaging

Jorgen Sevild
Chief Growth Officer

Swatchbook, a company that provides digital solutions for the fashion industry, has announced that Bandicoot Imaging Sciences has joined their ecosystem as an official "swatchbook service center". As the fifth service center to join swatchbook, Bandicoot will provide customers with a low-cost way to digitize their materials quickly and accurately. 

Bandicoot's unique approach to material digitization involves using a handheld camera to capture a series of images of the material. These images are then processed using the company's proprietary Shimmer Scan algorithm to deliver industry-standard texture maps and a Shimmer View. The Shimmer View is an interactive digital rendering of the material that can be easily embedded within a website to convey accurate color and detail. 

As the viewer tilts their phone or moves their mouse, they can see the texture of the original material and the way light plays across it. Bandicoot's approach is ideal for creating digital fabric with large patterns and repeats up to B1 in size, significantly exceeding the size limitations of other industry-leading material scanning solutions.

Bandicoot's services are available immediately through their website and are also available for clients to carry out themselves using their own mirrorless or DSLR camera together, and a scan chart provided by Bandicoot with the company's cloud services. With the fashion industry moving towards digital solutions, there is a growing need to quickly and simply digitize fabrics and showcase them. 

Swatchbook's platform allows their customers a quick and simple way to manage their assets, and Bandicoot's digitization services complement this by providing a new, low-cost way to scan their materials in-house. 

Bandicoot's approach gets closer to the "holy grail" of material digitization for the fashion industry: fast, cheap, and highly accurate 3d fabric. With the addition of Bandicoot and their team to the swatchbook ecosystem, new service options will be available in the Asia/Pacific region, helping the fashion industry in their digital transformation journey.

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