December 7, 2020
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The Future of Fashion | Tech Accelerating Change

Jorgen Sevild
Chief Growth Officer

The AFC team has been in talks with fashion tech and innovation companies that are developing advanced solutions to help fashion businesses reduce waste, increase transparency in their supply chain, streamline supply chain operations, and enhance the customer experience. 

Bandicoot is one of the companies that has caught their attention. Its mission is to help the fashion industry show how fabrics and materials look online by creating a 3d digital fabric called a Shimmer View that retailers can add to their website. This allows viewers to see the color, texture, and gloss of the material as they tilt their phone or move their mouse, giving them a better understanding of the product they are considering purchasing. 

Bandicoot created this technology to increase online engagement, conversions, and to reduce the number of online returns due to the products appearing different in photos than in reality. Shimmer Views can be created easily and quickly by taking photos using a handheld camera and uploading them to Bandicoot. The company then processes the photos in the cloud to create a virtual model of their material that can be added to any website. 

Shimmer Views can be used throughout the fashion supply chain, from creating digital twins of fabrics for designers to showcase their collections online to augmented reality experiences for consumers with authentic material appearance. Overall, the AFC team sees Bandicoot and other fashion tech companies as resources for the industry to improve its sustainability and enhance the customer experience.

Read the full article from the Australian Fashion Council.

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